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Find Your Size

How to measure your nails:
Place a piece of clear tape across your natural nail. Using a pen or marker, mark the tape on either side of the widest part of your nail.  
Remove tape and measure, using a ruler, how many millimeters wide your nail is, then match it to the size chart.
This can also be done using a sewing measuring tape.

Our Preset Sizes are:
XS- 3,6,5,7,9
S- 2,5,4,6,9
M- 1,5,4,6,8
L- 0,4,3,5,7
***Please note; XL length nail sizing differs from Short, Medium, and Long Lengths.  Please refer to size chart above for accurate sizing***
Custom Sizing:
If you need any sizes outside the preset sizes above, just select the custom size option in the product size drop down and send us a note at checkout with your sizes.
Sizing kits are available for all nail shapes, and are recommended to ensure sure the most accurate fit.